Cold Laser Therapy

   The ML830 Cold Laser sends photon (light waves), directly into your injured tissues, reducing pain and stimulating healing. The laser does not generate any heat, and is completely safe and pain free to use throughout the body. It can penetrate five centimeters into muscle tissue without being absorbed by skin or fat.


    If you're suffering from muscle, joint, tendon or nerve pain, ML830 Cold Laser therapy can help you heal faster and experience rapid relief. The ML830 Cold Laser is painless and non-invasive, and has been clinically proven to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation, increase the speed of healing, and improve the strength of tissues.


The ML830 Cold Laser is FDA-approved, with NO PHYSICIAN PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED, and can successfully treat muscle, joint and nerve pain associated with:

  •          Rheumatoid or Osteo-Arthritis

  •          Back Pain

  •          Tendonitis

  •          Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  •          Fibromyalgia

  •          Plantar Fasciitis

  •          Migraine Headaches

  •          TMJ Syndrome

  •          Degenerative Disc Disease

  •          Muscle Spasms or Stiffness

  •          Post-Surgical Pain

  •          Post-Trauma Acute Pain

  •          Herniated Discs       

  •          Intractable Pain

  •          Posterior Facet Syndrome

  •          Sciatica

  •          Sprains and Strains

  •          Wound Healing



What to expect during your treatment: Information regarding expected treatment frequency and duration, and a quick skin inspection pre and post treatment. Patients lying face up for treatment will be asked to wear Safety glasses as will the physical therapist and/or physical therapy aide administering the laser. You will not feel any discomfort throughout the treatment. 

Treatments are tiered according to severity or acuity of condition. Your therapist will advise you accordingly. 830 Laser treatment is priced as follows: $15 for 2-10 minutes(1-5 laser head size locations). Some common conditions and treatment time frames to help you determine approximate cost are listed below. Remember, your condition may respond differently to these recommended parameters.


Common Conditions:

  • ·         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                   10 min 8-10 visits

  • ·         Headaches                                        15 min 3-5 visits

  • ·         Shoulder Pain                                    18-24 min 5-10 visits

  • ·         Neck Pain/DJD                                  12-20 min 8-10 visits

  • ·         Low Back Pain/HNP                          22-30 min  8-10 visits

  • ·         Sciatica/ Radiculopathy                     24-30 min 8-10 visits

  • ·         Hamstring Strain/Tear                       15-18 min 8-10 visits

  • ·         Knee Pain/ Osteoarthritis                   6-15 min  5-10 visits

  • ·         Heel Spur                                           8-10 min 3-5 visits

  • ·         Plantar Fasciitis                                  8-10 min 5-8 visits

  • ·         Bell’s Palsy                                         6-10 min 8-10 visits

  • ·         TMJ Pain                                            6-10 min 5-8 visits

  • ·         Ankle Sprain                                       6-10 min 5-8 visits

  • ·         Tennis Elbow                                      8-10 min 5-8 visits


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