Rehab Alliance is driven by and dedicated to a set of values that reflect in each and everything we do. We demonstrate high-level ethical standards and moral principles of conduct. We utilize aggressive therapeutic intervention, honesty in all endeavors, loyalty to profession, industry, customer and employees. Long-term commitments are valued over short-term gains.



Rehab Alliance is committed to providing progressive rehabilitation that maximizes patient functional outcomes in a manner, which fully complies with all applicable governmental regulations and appropriate clinical practice guidelines.  We are dedicated to the patient ... whose care necessitates state-of-the-art medical technology and comprehensive treatment by committed health care professionals.


The patient is our fist responsibility.  We pledge to interact n a caring, professional, responsible, courteous, and cooperative manner.  We will provide the necessary medical services to maximize recovery in a cost-effective manner, while providing emotional strength and guidance.


Our staff - the therapists and support personnel - are dedicated to providing the best treatment plan for each patient; to maintaining a sense of patent dignity and integrity in all decisions; to fostering a committed sense of pride in professional treatment and individualized, dedicated patient care.


Our greatest asset is our people ... one individual helping another ... all working towards a common goal.  As a corporation we are committed to excellence ... in our people, our delivery of care and our value system.  We believe in an ethical workplace, in recognizing the value of the individual, in creating a corporate family and a working culture conducive to continued growth ... for the company and its employees.   We are a team ... striving to be the best ... for the patients who require our care.