"I have been a patient at Rehab Alliance in Lake Forest and it has been so helpful in dealing with my neck pain. I have been dealing directly with Brooke Varon and have been pleased with her attentiveness and knowledge and have been experiencing less pain as a direct result of her care. Thank you rehab Alliance for the great work that you do!"

                                     Thank you,  


"I came to Rehab Alliance for about once a week for three months after my surgery. During that time I was treated by Brooke, who was skillful, knowledgeable and friendly. She seemed to know how was I was feeling and always seemed able to apply just the right amount of pressure to get my knee to bend a lit bit further without causing me great discomfort. She also answered all my questions about my knee and about my treatment and was very open about what was happening when things went very well and when they went slightly less well.Brooke and all the other staff at Rehab Alliance are very friendly and encouraging, which helped me through a few low points during the course of my treatment. They also collaborate very effectively, providing new ideas to help each other’s patients."



"I have been working with Rehab Alliance for many many years now. Most recently I had a terrible accidence and tore my ACL and MCL. I received reconstructive surgery. The amazing physical therapist at RA saved my life. It was a very dark time for me and I was in great deal of pain. Coming to RA was the highlight of my week. Seeing the sweet face of all staff- Belinda with her welcoming and warm encouragement; Brooke and Jose with their brilliant genius expertise and knowledge of the research, not to mention their upbeat witty personalities; Brian with his sweet and tender care-saved my life!! I mean this sincerely. I really was in a deep state of depression. If it hadn’t been for Rehab Alliance I’m not sure what I would have done. It amazes me that these people can maintain their optimism and energy while being surrounded by so much pain and agony, and yet consistently day in and day out they give so deepest gratitude to all for all of their help and support that I have been receiving over these past several months."

                                                             Many Many thanks,


"Both my teenage son and I have been going to Rehab Alliance for injuries over the past three years. (Shoulder, knees, back, hip, post op...) Jose Fojas does a thorough evaluation and explains in detail a treatment plan. He (and the rest of the staff) are knowledgeable , professional, and very friendly! They make the paperwork for private medical and work comp. as painless as possible. They are a pleasure to work with in scheduling appointments. I've been to other PT clinics where all I hear is "Okay, do three sets of fifteen and I'll be back", then a different "therapist" comes and says, "Okay, do three sets of fifteen and I'll be back.". etc. Jose is very hands on, stays with you to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and explains WHY. I guarantee you a great experience and wonderful outcome for your treatment with Rehab Alliance. When you finish your treatments plan you will feel as if you are saying good-bye to family. This place is an all-around class act."


"I recently went to Rehab Alliance for my physical therapy and was pleasantly surprised. I have been to several clinics before but this experience was by far the best. The entire staff at the clinic are great and after only two visits, my pain was gone - pain, mind you, that no other physical therapist has been able to cure. My therapist was Dr. Garrett Hayes, DPT. He is wonderful. Dr. Hayes is very personable, knowledgeable and caring. He listened to all my issues attentively and I felt like he really enjoyed helping me reach my goals (no pain). He was informative and even spent extra time with me. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family, in fact, I insist on only seeing him.If you ever need physical therapy, this place is the best. It is worth going out of your way even if you live a little far from this clinic. In my opinion, having the best treatment to get the fastest and surest results is worth it."



"Dr. Singh recommended Rehab Alliance. As with all his recommendations he sent me to the best. Dr. Brooke Varon and the other members of the Rehab Alliance have done a fantastic job with my surgically rebuilt shoulder. Progress has been very good. I know that when I go to Rehab Alliance, I will be dealt with in a very professional and compassionate manner."